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Apple MFI Certified Apple Watch Charging Stand with built-in Charging Module | powerhouse charge dock for apple watch | Apple universal dock/charging stand with USB Ports & USB Wall Charger | Support


$49.99 $58.99


The Apple Watch Charging Stand- Apple Certified with built-in Charging Module is the perfect stand to recharge your watch during the night. Designed for style and easy accessibility, this stand will be the perfect addition to your night stand. Just plug in your device at any time, and enjoy a full battery and a stylish addition to your bedroom too.


  • 100% compatible with apple watch
  • Lightweight and protective
  • Glossy aluminum finish
  • Plug and play makes easy to use
  • Quality guaranteed


The charging stand has precise cutouts for the apple watch and supports both, 38mm and 42mm watches. The Apple Watch stand is perfectly designed to accommodate your Apple Watch magnetic charger allowing for easy docking and charging of the Apple Watch. The magnets inside automatically align the charging area with your Apple Watch and inductive charging begins instantly.